About Us


The organization PRASOON is determined for qualitative and integrated development of weaker section in Madhya Pradesh. PRASOON has been working for mainstreaming of the Tribal and Dalit communities and for protecting their dignity and identity at the crises. Livelihood, Health Awareness, Educational development of target group, Protection of child Rights, Water and sanitation and displacement are the main areas of intervention. Prasoon basically works at the grassroots level to uplift the most marginalized section of the society. It works for the socio-economic development of Dalit (SCs), Tribal Korku, Bhill, Bhilala(STs),for bringing gender equality, for strengthening the process of democratic decentralization through developing community leadership and promoting local self governances at the grassroots.

Human Resource


Currently More than 80 staff & volunteers are engaged with the organization. Subject experts on health, education and child rights, urban development and sustainable livelihoods are also associated with Prasoon.

Organizational Infrastructure:

PRASOON is governed by a 9 member team elected by the general House, known as Governing Board of the Association. The Governing Board of PRASOON meets timely, to review, steer the activities and to take policy decisions, in order to achieve the desired goal of the Association. During the reporting period, three governing board meetings organized.